Tuesday, October 2, 2018

My mom passed away

2 Ramadhan bersamaan 18 Mei 2018 bonda pergi meninggalkan bumi yang fana' ini..setelah berjuang selama beberapa hari di hospital akibat jangkitan kuman di paru-paru..Dialisis yang tidak dapat dilakukan kerana tekanan darah bonda yang rendah menyumbang kepada lemahnya badan bonda..Adik redha mak pergi kerana mak telah menahan kesakitan yang lama sejak mula proses dialisis pada tahun 2014..
Ya Allah, ampunkan dosa kedua ibu ayahku..pertemukan ibuku dan ayahku di syurga..pertemukan kami bersama-sama disyurga..amen ya rab!

Salasiah Rentah,

Monday, February 5, 2018

Holiday Japan 2018..repeat again

Japan has always fascinated me and my husband as well with its beauty, cleanliness and technologies. So, during Thaipusam and Federal day off  we visited Japan for the second time bringing our newly wed ammar-eka and the children.
set to fly

The target this time is snow and ski..so I choose the route that suits our target. Luckily I managed to get cheap air asia ticket which was 6400 for 6 pax..Kul to Kansai. The route is Osaka 1 night (for the dotonbori river/market & glico runningman) , Fukui 3 nights (for the snow ; ski resort) and Nagoya 1 night (for the aquarium). And don't forget to pack the heatpad as it is so important during winter.

 our dreamland...

The flight was on Tuesday 5.30 am in the morning and we reach kansai airport around one o'clock noon. Lunch in the Burger King, having the fish fillets set. we shoot to our apartment by airport bus . OM luxury is a high-tech apartment which amazed us as we need to follow the video sent to us for the room key and password..wow! Its actually is a residential apartments but the owner made it as a so called homestay in our country.
 di KLIA2
  sampai sudah..Alhamdulillah
 ambil wifi di post office

   post office di kansai airport
here we go
going to the bus stop
use camera to scan signage in the google translate..easy

kudapan awal selepas check in OM apartment

After maghrib, we walk along the dotonbori river, the Shinsaibashi market and shoplots are so alive and there are so many restaurants to dine in..After a few shopping in the souvenirs shop, we enter Mitha Pariwar, the halal restaurant which serve indian food. Wow the food are quite savoury and tasty and the nan bread is like a guitar shape, but the chicken soup ( its like Maggie soup) is awfull..anyway,,there was a showman playing harmonica..and the music is soothing and relaxing...the restaurant waiter is friendly, her name is Yuko and she helped us with some information about family snow resort in fukui for locals, not too crowded with people and the most important is at a reasonable price.
 found my car here!
 doton river
kena cari crab pizza somewhere in fukui...
relaxing harmonica instrumental music

Day 2.
Its the day we depart for fukui by train..
 first time naik train..sebelum ni selalunya kami drive aje..

nama ryokan(traditional Japanese house) yang telah di book

ryokan's garden


After check in..the children started playing snowballs and building snowman infront of the ryokan until dark..wow..it is super duper fun especially for adik aamir..its his first experience with snow. At night the ryokan owner offers to drive us to eat sushi in the town. She used to work there as well..The sushi is ausome, cheap, tasty and delicious..and of course we take the seafood and halal sushi only..

 ryokan's owner..very kind lady

Day 3:
Its the day when we decided to visit the asuwayama park.Asu is mount Asu, Yama means mountain..

splendid view from the top of asuwayama


they played snowballs again

 and again
Not much actually can be done in this kind of weather because we get tired easily and the freezing cold made us hungry all the time..so we had our lunch at one checkpoint at asuwayama then we stroll down until we found a toy shop and the children started searching for their favourite anime, nerfs, aeroplanes and toys..whahahaha..mommy just had a nice nap! hhehe

toy shop

 At night we get out again for the shopping mall because we need to find extra socks and waterproof gloves...those kind of gloves we brought  got wet easily and baba wants to buy himself a boot..As promised adik amir want his Toys R Us in Fukui..Seafood Pizza was our dinner that night, its ausome super delicious but they don't have crab pizza as my husband's wish..sorry baba! Later on okay..
Day 4:
Its the day..we all waited for..Ski day..finally we managed to get to Shinbo Ski Resort For Family in Ikeda, Fukui..It is for local, but since its a working day..so..its all ours!!yeayy!! Seriously, there is no one unless the ski workers and the sensei (ski teacher)
The fees is cheap, nearly RM1k for all of us, including clothes, shoes, ski equipment and sledge/slide board. You can take how many of sledge you wanted!
 pekan ikeda, fukui

 mendekati shinbo ski resort for family
 getting ready

 we all set
 practice first


 adik dah pandai..yeayy!

 isyqi dah terror
 finally I did it!
 with the junior skier
lunch inside the cafĂ©
my other half..my soul
 the resort is ours!
 untouched snow powder..subhanallah
 tido ke adik?
 we will come here again..
 tq for this trip

finally..ada anak2 tadika jepun datang main snow
Going out for dinner was only four of us, because ammar-eka couldn't make it..so we just had soba, veggi and shrimp tempura in a restaurant nearby
Day 5:
Depart for Nagoya and its the Port Nagoya Aquarium time!!!
stesen kecil dekat ryokan untuk ke fukui station

from fukui station to Nagoya station
set we go

 here we are! Port Nagoya Aquarium

 dolphin show

beluga show was ausome!

white whale..beluga 

killer whale..orca



orca was so cute when he needs food.. 
 dinner in red lobster!
 crab pizza..superb!! tambah order lg
shitake mushroom
After dinner we proceed to Toys R Us shop in Nagoya..again! And the boys and my husband went around the mall buying some items like usb for Apple, cheap handphones charger and cheap high-tech headphones that catches their eyes..

children's heaven


But to tell you the truth..Nagoya train station is much more complicated than we expected, it has many circle or line..and we just have to follow the line on the floor by remembering its colour..such as purple colour line on the floor for aquarium at the port, yellow colour line on the floor for Sakai stop and few more elses..wow! Its like the metro line train in Paris!
Day 6:
This is our check out day and leaving Nagoya for Osaka..but we still have much time to do Nagoya sightseeing, and  at least we leave at 3 o'clock.
We went to Osu Market using hop on hop off bus in Nagoya. Actually Nagoya has few places to go such as Nagoya Castle, Noritake Park and the tower.
  entrance osu market 

Later on we had pasta for lunch..yummy..

 salmon carbonara
 Here we go..JR Nagoya Train Station again for the shikansen to Kansai Airport, Osaka. It will only takes 1 hour instead of 4 hours driving..yeay!

 the famous shikansen
 We have experienced the Euro Star Train when we visited Europe in 2006, from Switzerland to Paris and from Paris to London. But for adik and the children was an awesome and precious experience to get in a super duper cool train..fast and cool..wow!
We had a quick change in the airport and proceed to check in the baggage. Dinner was sushi again in a restaurant near gate 38..the children keep using the coins buying bottles of coke, tea with milk and few more drinks from the vending machine for last time hehehe..intertaining activity!
So..we landed in klia2 at 4 o'clock in the morning..ammar-eka took a cab straight away to their college and isyqi was picked up by his sister back to school and its a work day for both of us!!

My mom passed away

2 Ramadhan bersamaan 18 Mei 2018 bonda pergi meninggalkan bumi yang fana' ini..setelah berjuang selama beberapa hari di hospital akib...